Panasonic Phone Systems

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  • TDA30 - 5 to 24 users


    The Panasonic KX TDA30 phone system is a leading choice for small business with its modular design and easy expandability.

    • Panasonic KX TDA30 is a competitive system for the any business wanting to save money.
    • VoIP & CTI compatible
    • Easy to use handsets with modern design
    • Wireless Dect handsets
    • And much more

    Panasonic Hybrid IP-PBX Systems

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  • Medium to Large users

    Panasonic TDA 200/600

    Panasonic TDA200/600

    Here are some of the great features the TDA 200/600 system has to offer

    • Choice of telephony Solutions - supports SIP, IP, Digital and Analogue
    • Integration with desktop & wireless mobility
    • Voicemail & call centre features
    • Easy IP & Network maintenance
    • Hot Desking
    • CTI - linking your computer network
    • Cost effective system
    • And much more
    Panasonic TDA200/600 System Capacity

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  • IP System

    PANASONIC NCP 1000 IP - Unified Messaging Phone System

    Panasonic NCP 100 IP

    Improve your customer services with the Panasonic Unified Messaging system

    • SIP Telephony supporting both Trunks and IP extensions
    • Leveraging Open Standard Communications
    • Desktop, Network & Application Integration
    • Business Productivity with mobile solutions
    • Centralised Management
    • DECT Solutions
    • And much more
    Panasonic NCP 1000

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    PANASONIC KX-TDE Pure IP-PBX for Medium to Large Business

    • Enhanced Business Productivity
    • Enhanced IP Networking with SIP Technology
    • Desktop and Application Integration with Phone Assistant
    • Mobile and DECT Integration
    • New NT-300 Series Handsets with Bluetooth capability

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  • Voice Processing System

    Voice Processing System

    Intelligent Call Report Server for Small to Medium Business [Model No: KX-NCV200AL]

    Voice Processing System

    Please consult your dealer for pricing information

    • Cost effective Real-Time Call Centre monitoring
    • Real Time Call Centre Performance Reports
    • Built-in Voice Mail Functionality
    • Agent Log Reports
    • Trunk Call Reports

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